Why do I attract the wrong men?

You do not attract the wrong men. You do not decide which men are contacting you. As long as the man takes the initiative, all kinds of men can feel attracted to you: tall, thin, thin, thin, hairy, bald, clever, dumb, gentle and tough. The question Why do I attract the wrong men? simply does

When you think too much about love

When you think too much about love, you are at risk of falling into one of these two unpleasant extremes: either you will reject good partners because you see mistakes that are not there. Or you end up with a miserable partner because you downsize or see through the warning signs. In any case, your

Rejections and dates

Rejections and dates: Learn to master it How do you refuse unwanted requests on a dating site? How do you handle it when others are not interested in you? This guide gives you answer on how to handle rejections and dates as a man. Rejections are inevitable when you date online. Thousands write to each

Signs a girl is flirting

Signs a girl is flirting – girls are often expected to be virtuous and reluctant when it comes to men. Many of these women thus do not put words on their wishes and wishes directly. Indirectly, however, they are brilliant at it. We must watch when women flirt. When women flirt, they do it to

Are you ready for a serious relationship?

Of course I am ready for a serious relationship, most searching singles will answer. So we ask again: Are you ready for a committed serious relationship withall that it implies?   That question will not be answered by so many. They want to know in advance what “anything that a relationship implies” means before they

Don’t ever write this in your online profile

  Reasonable people read a dating profile text with a sharp glance for who they should not contact. They do so to avoid bad partner subjects who do not control their lives or, at worst, can be crazy or dangerous. You are probably none of the parts, but a fairly common person. Therefore, there is

13 dating tips to women

What is really good style when you go out with a man? 1: Go out with a man”We do not care completely about the brand on your handbag, the fashionable dots on your dress and how high your stilettes are. We can, however, like when you elegantly emphasize your benefits; whether it’s legs, breasts or

Review of ThaiCupid dating site

WWW.ThaiCupid.com ThaiCupid.com is a dating site with Asian women Asian women have some same qualities as Eastern European women but more shy and calm. Also, where Eastern European women mainly seek western men for love and because of the macho culture i Eastern European countries can make their live a challenge. Asian women are more

Look good on your first date

Even though you are told from the right and left that it is the indside you that counts, it is nevertheless the look that first captures your gaze. There is no doubt that a nice look is more attractive, why a good look on first date is worth it. In this article you can read about